Once you Have Chosen Your Insurer

We will:

  • Explain your contract and its endorsements in detail
  • Guide you on how to use the insurers' platform
  • Assist you for the duration of your contract by answering your questions

In addition, we help in:

  • Obtaining or increasing your credit limits for more difficult accounts
  • Obtaining your clients’ financial statements if required by the insurer for analysis
  • Completing your file in case of a claim and making sure it is submitted within the specified timeframe
  • Meeting the requirements of your credit insurance contract

For more complex situations, we will organize a teleconference call between the insured, the insurer and the broker in order to find efficient solutions, thus reducing costly delays that could impair your working capital and your relationship with your client.


At the end of your contract, we will:

  • Proceed with a new analysis of your needs according to your current situation
  • Review the terms and credit limits
  • Negotiate any changes with insurers
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