Commercial Credit Insurance

For your enterprise to remain strong in a business climate with record numbers of bankruptcies, corporate frauds and geopolitical uncertainties, executives must be up to date on the various options available on the credit insurance market. Informed choices will benefit you and your employees.

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Political Risk

Companies know that to succeed in business they must often export their products and services.

As a result, your international activities can expose your company to greater risks. Have you considered political risk insurance?

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Collection Service

Your business is working like clockwork! You have just been awarded a major contract and the credit insurer has approved the credit limit! You have delivered the merchandise but the client hasn’t paid you! How is the collection process with the credit insurer handled?

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Why choose us?

Noordberg et associés Inc. is a brokerage firm specialized in credit insurance. With over 20 years of professional experience, Noordberg et associés Inc. is an impartial broker that offers high quality services from a wide range of contracts in the market.

Always respectful of the profession's code of ethics, Noordberg et associés Inc. has a proven track record in the field of credit insurance. As a credit insurance specialist, Noordberg et associés Inc. is distinguished by the strength of its approach with credit insurers, ensuring that each file is processed efficiently and in compliance with your company's needs.

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