Political Risk Insurance

NOTE: Doing business with a broker will not add any fees to the premium charged by the insure

Companies know that to succeed in business, they may need to export their products and services.
As a result, these international activities can expose your company to greater risks.
Have you considered political risk insurance ? "Single risk/political risk" contracts may be offered to protect companies against various risks, such as :

  • Breach of contract due to political events
  • Non-payment by a government
  • Political violence including terrorism and wars
  • Non convertibility or non transfer of currency
  • Confiscation, expropriation or nationalization of your investments
  • Cancellation or non-renewal of an import or export license
  • Confiscation, seizure or inability to re-export equipment or stock
  • Frustration of a payment under documentary credits or giving rise to a justified use of a bond or guarantee due to political events
  • Expropriation, nationalization or discriminatory regulatory practices equivalent to nationalization
  • Non-compliance with a sovereign guarantee
  • Embargo and other restrictions on imports and exports that did not exist before the investment or contract
  • Non-payment by a sovereign buyer

Credit insurance allows you to run your business with confidence by knowing your profitability is protected and that you will be paid for your legitimate receivables. Business that work with Credit Insurance have the benefits of getting the best information about companies, sectors and economic trends, allowing them to make informed credit decisions and therefore avoid and minimize losses.
Dealing with a broker adds no cost to the premium charged by the insurer.

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